A Book Lovers Survey

I'm not too sure where I first spotted this little survey, perhaps on one of my favourite blogs Nouveau Chique. I know you all like hearing me talk about (see me type about???) books, so here we go...


Do you remembered how you developed a love for reading?
When I would get addicted to reading my Sweet Valley twins books and use a torch under my duvet so I could carry on reading on a school night long after my bedtime. Sorry Mum.

Where do you usually read?
All over the place really. In the staff room on my lunch, at night in bed etc. My favourite places to read though are in the sun by the pool on holiday or on the plane on the way to my holiday destination.
Do you prefer to read one book at a time or several at once?
I will never be one of those people who can have several books going all at once. I like to read one at a time and I read very fast so if I'm really into it I will read a couple a week.
What is your favourite genre?
I actually surprisingly read a lot of non-fiction. I read historical texts, first hand witness accounts and general coffee table knowledge books a lot for 'light reading', but also enjoy gothic novels such as Frankenstein and Dr Jeykell and Mr Hyde as well as a dystopian novel or too. Oh and don't forget an odd cheesy girly one, or young adult or two.

Is there a genre you will not read?
I never say never as I always said that crime novels were snooze-ville. However, a few summers ago I got hooked on Ian Rankin and my mind was changed. I have always had zero interest in Sci-Fi though, be it films or books.

Do you have a favourite book?

Like many book addicts I could never narrow it down to just one. Sylvia Plath 'The Bell Jar', Mary Shelley 'Frankenstein', All of the Lawrence Rees books regarding WWII, Anne Frank 'The Diary of a Young Girl', Oscar Wilde 'The Picture of Dorian Gray', are literally a small handful. I could chat favourites all day.

What is your least favourite book?
Again, there are many. When you read as many books at I do, you will find lots of them. However, rather controversially I was completely uninspired and disinterested in Jane Eyre. Sorry, not sorry.

What is the longest book you have ever read?
Fellow English Lit students will nod in agreement at James Joyce 'Ulysses'. So. So. Long. Yeah, It was a tough one.

What was the last book you bought?
I actually bought three in one go from Amazon. Two infographic non-fiction beautiful hard backs, 'Information is beautiful' and 'The infographic history of the world' and I also cheekily added Erin Morgensteins 'The Night Circus' after spying it in Tanya Burrs favourites video.

Do you prefer library books or buying books?
I absolutely love the smell of the library and I am addicted to old books, however I like to write my name and the date I started reading inside the front cover, so buying books it is. I also like to dip back into them and re-read a chapter or specific bit of books that I like.

What are you currently reading?
I'm currently leafing through the two infographic novels I mentioned above, however I actually am not reading anything else substancial at the moment, I blame being busy at work and feeling generally uninspired as a person, boo hoo.

So there you have it, me rambling on about books! One of my favourite topics to chat on and on about. If you are similarly enthralled by reading like me, then feel free to do it too, and don't forget to let me know, I am extremely nosey.

Chanel Perfection Lumiere Velvet


Chanel foundations are some what of a new addiction of mine. As you've probably all gathered, I am a complete base junky. I am legitimately addicted to purchasing new foundations. This does, unfortunately, mean that more often than not I fall in love with one, and then a new one comes along and steals the lime light. Hence the quite delayed review of the Perfection Lumiere Velvet foundation.

The first thing to mention is that the Lumiere Velvet shades actually run darker to the others in the line. I wear a B30 in 90% of Chanel base products, so bought this one without even thinking about it. When I first apply this shade I look only slightly oompa loompa-esque, but fear not, for some reason this foundation dries down around half a shade.

The consistency is very runny, much like the Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua (which unlike this foundation, broke me out awfully), and therefore a) causes quite a bit of wastage, and b) makes it trickier to apply. Some people recommend using fingers with runny foundations however I personally feel that this makes the finished result really patchy and sheers out the coverage too much on a whole. I love the way this looks applied with a dense brush like the Space NK Flat Top Powder brush or Sigma F80. This makes my face look really flawless and like a real life instagram filter.

Although the finish is described as 'velvet' and is being touted as the matte equivalent of the Aqua, it definitely looks like skin. I would say this is suitable for all skin types, and my combo skin can handle it without being powdered, but I would say a little set in the T-zone actually makes it look better for longer (as it does with most things). But yes, I'd be perfectly happy wearing this with no powder on top with little to no worry that I'd look like an oil slick come 3pm.

Overall, this has shot its way into my top 5 current foundation line up and its definitely something that I would repurchase.

Coverage: Medium/Full
Skin Type: All but drier skins will need a moisturising primer
Finish: Skin like but with a velvet look
Repurchase?Yes I would, but its not something I'd stockpile/back-up.

Travel Beauty Essentials


If you are jetting off on a sunny holiday I think we all agree that all you really need are a few bikinis, shorts and a vest with flip flops. However, in reality often my case is stuffed full of countless dresses, heels and a make-up bag to rival that of a make-up artists kit, just in case.

On my last holiday to the French Riviera I took a really small make-up bag with only the essential things that I knew I would use on a daily basis, and I felt so liberated! (Plus if you saw my Sephora haul on my channel you'll know I needed the room in my case for all the things I wanted to bring back!!). Here is a list of my throw in your case and you'll be fine products.

Eyelash Curlers. I think really, these are the most important. When I am sunbathing during the day I really don't want to be sweating mascara down my face (gross but true) so a quick curl of the lashes makes me look less piggy and more like I've had more than 5 hrs sleep (I've not).

A 'does everything' brush. In this case it's one from my eBay set. A pointy one like this is handy as it is precise enough to do concealer yet will also put foundation on in a split second. Something like the real techniques expert face will do the same thing.

A kick ass concealer. I've obviously picked the MUFE Full Cover concealer, but something high coverage yet with also a liquid consistency means you can skip the whole three different concealers for different parts of the face. I also don't wear foundation during the day and am also sometimes to sweaty (or burnt- don't shout at me! I use SPF 50) to so something heavy duty like this is a much more natural alternative.

Eyeshadow Pencils. Yes, another mention for the By Terry Ombre blackstars, definitely the Katie Price of the beauty blogger world at the moment. I love these and lets be honest, who can be bothered faffing around with six different shadows and three brushes, blending for two hours when you could be enjoying an alcoholic beverage and some good company. (Or the buffet, always the buffet).

A matte bronzer. This is a Sephora one, but any will do, as long as there is no shimmer, unless you want to look like a disco ball in the harsher lighting. There are two reasons I deem a bronzer an essential. One is because my face is smothered in SPF 50+ kids suncream so is actually whiter when I return. I dust a bit of this on during the day with a massive brush to make me look more normal. Also, when you tan, your foundation will look too light as the evenings go on, cue: bronzer overload.

Whats the thing that you really couldn't live without on your sunny holiday? Would you be able to cope with just these things in your make-up bag?

Weekly Round-Up #2

I'm actually drafting this post mid-week as I've unexpectedly gained wifi access and needed a little break from the scorching sun in Gran Canaria. If you've got the holiday blues (or future Sophy, who will be rereading this once it goes live from miserable uk) then look away now.

The weather is stunning, food is lovely and the gym at my hotel has a glass front that overlooks the beach. Nothing better to keep me motived than this stunning view

You'll have to excuse the iPad picture but like I said, I'm still here so haven't got anyway of getting my pictures off of my slr memory card yet. I've also been filming my outfits each evening for an holiday outfits video, and have a few mirror outfit selfies from a couple of favourite outfits that I'll eventual post up here.

Life feels pretty good at the moment and the week long relaxation break has really helped me to rethink my priorities and contemplate what I really want to be doing with my life. Two days in and I'd completed the very talked about #GIRLBOSS book, and I must say, although I was a teeny bit underwhelmed (always the problem when something has so much hype surrounding it) I was left feeling motivated and inspired. Not just in a lets put pen to paper, climb that job ladder ASAP sort of way. But more so that formal qualifications and education aren't the be all and end all of career success, there are non graduates having a highly fulfilled existence just as there are grads who aren't even able to scrape an entry level role. Just because I've dropped out, I don't feel like a failure, I've succeeded in doing 'me' carving my own path and writing my own life outside of the cosy confines we call the education system. Wow, that got deep fast. 

Three things on my mind this week:

1. Things can't happen over night. Quite often you feel like you are coasting but actually if you're putting in the graft you're actually just on the path to success in what you're working towards.
2. Aldi suncream is THE BOMB. I'm an SPF obsessive and not only does Aldi do high UVB protection but they give 5* UVA protection as well. Plus they're really affordable. I've never tanned so evenly and quickly, but safely. I apply every 30 mins to an hour (yes, really. These 'one a day' creams are such an expensive con. You will burn) and I've gone the most lovely shade of bronze without the awful red lobster period. It's all about the reapplication.
3. As lovely as holidays are, they can't last forever. And you know what, that's why they are lovely. Because they're a break from your everyday life. If it became your everyday life it would be just as boring and tedious.

Lots of love

Weekly Round-Up


Technically this weekly round up post is a little bit of a fraud. I've yet to put any photos of my week long, life changing, dream creating holiday to Villefranche-sur-mer/Monaco with my other half.

My boyfriend is definitely not a sun bather and would much rather be wandering around a beautiful city. We completely fell in love with this place and it definitely reinforced one of the things on our 'Five year plan', which is to move abroad for a while. Lets just say we are keen to start a little moving saving fund. I've been back over a month now and I still miss it, it's the first holiday that I could have actually cried about leaving in the airport on the way home.

Three things on my mind this week:
  • Sometimes when you are feeling uninspired, you actually need to force yourself to work through it. Yes you might end up with something awful from this period but if you stop, you might just never start again.
  • I'm probably doomed to be late for everything! I tried to be early for my hair appointment but actually ended up getting confused and pulling into the car park and realising I'd misread the clock (who does that?!?!?) and got there for 1 oclock not 2. Idiot.
  • I'm such a perfectionist that no matter how many times I change something I will never be full happy with it, and as soon as something is changed, I will make more plans for how to change it again to make it better in the future. This happens all the time with my website, my room, everything really!

Love you all.