Be Simple.

Dress: Newlook. Necklace: Topshop.

Hiya! Welcome to 'beauty but better'. This may be seriously confusing those who watch my youtube videos, or read my other blog linked to my channel. So before I ramble on about what I wore today, I thought I owe you all an explanation.

English has always been a passion of mine, I've loved it since Primary School, and pursued it until now (Alevels). I love to write, fiction and non-fiction, so it seemed silly not to be blogging regularly. As much as I love my Youtube and making videos, I would honestly much prefer to write. Also I am beginning to make serious decisions on university and career paths, and English is again something I would like to look in to.

So why not continue my old blog? Honestly, there's no real reason. I suppose I just felt like a complete fresh start! I want this to be separate to my channel, this will be probably the only time you see it mentioned on here. So will I be updating the other? Probably not, so for that, I apologise.

ANYWAY, on to the more superficial side of things! I have wanted a really simple 60's inspired shift dress for a long while now. I considered making one my self (pffft!) but now it seems the shops are full of them! I snapped this one up for a barginous £14.99 (plus 20% student discount they're offering at the mo!- so £11ish)

I decided to wear it with my trusty silver torque, which I have worn so much more than I first anticipated! I'm now looking at more statement necklaces, simply because they look so beautiful with high necklines I always seem to favour! (It's the lack of cleavage I expect!!)

So, I hope you enjoyed, and please stick with me as I try this new endeavour.

Lots of love,


  1. Absolutely love this dress! I've just started blogging for the same reason, I'm an English student so blogging seemed like the obvious way to get involved with the beauty community. You have a really good writing style! Xx

  2. I love this outfit, so simple but at the same really striking - gorgeous!
    I love your writing so I'll definitely be following this blog.
    Faye xo

  3. xELISSA- Thank you! will check your blog out now!!

    Faye H- Thanks so much hun


  4. m loving this style with statement necklace n plain dress!
    lov it

  5. Hi,
    glad to finally see you back blogging :)
    I love english and am studying english language and literature at uni - i find the blogging helps.

    Love cory xxx