Do you believe in miracles?

The word 'Beauty Balm' has been uttered many a time over the Youtube and blogger community. Japanese brands which were the founders of the famous creams were often hard to come by in the UK, only available online. It was only a matter of time before larger, reputable brands jumped on the bandwagon with something similar.

Enter Garnier 'Miracle Skin Perfector'.

First thing to address is the price. Now as this is a relatively new release you're looking at around £2-3 off the RRP (average of £10.99). However I assume once the initial hype has died down it will be back to normal price. Mine was bought in Lloyd's Pharmacy for £6.60, the cheapest I have seen it.

I will admit I was extremely sceptical of the product and the only reason I bought it was because of the price (almost half off).

You will also notice that I have two colours, Light and Medium. I originally picked up medium thinking my post-holiday glow would match, however, it required a lot of blending, so went back to pick up Light, in order to give a fairer test.

So, what about the product itself?

The cream feels thin and liquidy- much like any other tinted moisturiser. The application is relatively smooth and works nicely with fingers. This gives a very sheer coverage. Again this is expected of a product which in no way claims to be a foundation. However, unlike your average tinted moisturiser there is no way you could build this in my opinion.

I suffer with break outs around my cheek and chin area and attempted to add another thin layer to this places. Yes, it initially looked lovely, very natural with a generous coverage. But by midday, I checked in the mirror, and to my horror saw that the place I had reapplied to had oxidised, giving me an almost 'orange beard'. Not very flattering at all. I found that the lighter of the two actually turned more orange. Perhaps it is just my oily skin?

My nan (she is 73!) also bought one to try out, after spotting it 'evens tone' and 'smoothes fine lines'. I always recommend both my nans and mum to use a tinted moisturiser, as foundation or powder can enhance signs of ageing.

She tried it out and I had a phone call saying it was extremely oily and greasy looking on her face, what should she do? Yes, it does claim to give '24hr hydration' but should this make a pensioners skin oily? Hmm.

But please do not think I hate this product! I will use both of my tubes up, and I do quite like the effect of one layer set with a heavier duty powder. They are also pretty generously sized, at 50ml, 20 more than your average foundation, and you really only need a pea sized amount. As for my dear old nan, well she has bought her first powder for a long while and is going to keep me posted as to how it goes.

Will I repurchase? No. I am already eye-ing up the Illamasqua equivalent!

Have you tried this product? What did you think?

Sophy xx
p.s. apologies for the photo quality, my camera refuses to focus correctly! will be investing in a new one shortly.


  1. i swear buy natural collections tinted moisturiser! its so light yet gives good coverage ive order a sample of the bb cream but by the sounds of it it isnt living up to the bb creams in japan etc where they rave about them

  2. hey, being subbed to you on youtube for ages and love your new blog :)
    check out my blog and my youtube: fashionbyalice ?!


  3. I have this in light and didn't have a problem with it oxidising, completely know what your nan means about it leaving you oily though! I set mine with MAC msf natural and it seems to do the job at controlling the shine whilst giving me a bit of extra coverage xx

  4. heard lots of bad things about this - don't think i'll be trying them out. Lovely new blog!! x

  5. SOPHIEsticated- I love it too! I think I was hoping this would be similar!!

    Alicekatex- Sure will :)

    xELISSA- oh thats strange, maybe its the tube I got! ahh really want to try the MSF natural. Love your blog btw!

    Kia- Yes, there are lots of negative reviews out there, but seen a fair few positive ones!


  6. i love bb cream n m used to korean brand one's they are really good!
    i don't own Garnier one but m currently using skinfood 79 bb cream!