Foundation Rambling

I was going to do a series of videos about my individual collections, but I have a tendency to talk for at least 20 minutes+. I thought I could keep a blog post more concise and clear.

Foundation is something I will always be buying in copious amounts. I will not settle until I find the elusive 'perfect' foundation for me. However, it's also something I will use or get rid of. I hate the thought of plastering something on my face that is years old. Any way, onwards and upwards..

Lets start with tinted moisturisers (TM's). I think I tend to favour a TM in the winter months when my skin is feeling parched and a foundation feels cakey and too heavy. Having relatively oily, spot prone skin, a TM must provide sufficient coverage without being super greasy.

Olay, Touch of Foundation- Minimal coverage, very very sheer. More of a moisturiser therefore quite oily and not majorly long lasting. Wouldn't recommend!(1/5)

Garnier, Miracle Skin Perfecter- See full review here. In a nutshell, decent coverage, lasts well on skin, a good concept but probably better for drier skin. (3/5)

Natural Collection, Tinted Moisturiser- Favourite of them all. A brilliant middle ground between a foundation and TM. Lasts well and not greasy if set with a powder. Very cheap at £1.99!! (5/5)

Higher end foundations are something I think are a worthy investment. I think if you invest in anything it's a good foundation. Get your base right and the rest will follow. I honestly believe that there are things that drugstore/high street foundations cannot provide for such a cheap price.

Clinique, Superfit Make-up- Blends well with the skin, sinks in and doesn't cake. Very liquidy so application with fingers is near to impossible, and a lot of product is lost in brush. Love the bottle but liquid formulation leads to lots of waste product. (3/5)

Nars, Sheer Glow- Possibly THE closest to the perfect foundation so far. This has coverage that looks natural. Glowing and healthy looking but in no way oily. Expensive but last a long time, doesn't oxidise or go bad. LOVE! (5/5)

Estee Lauder, Double Wear- I really get on with this too. Is very heavy, but on oily skin it sits lovely, provides a lovely sheen. Application with fingers can make it more natural. Would probably look horrible and cling to dry skin. Will defiantly repurchase! (4/5)

MAC, Studio Fix Fluid- I also really love this foundation, it's again a heavier coverage, but I feel it does wonders for my skin, especially in the hotter months. Smell is too strong for some, but I'm not bothered by it. Controls shine and is quite matte. (4.5/5)

Rimmel, Lasting Finish- A very unusual waxy texture, very full coverage, and a low price point. Can leave a streaky effect if not blended in really well. I did find that I initially broke out when using this but then my skin got used to it. I think its the texture. (3/5)

Revlon, Photo ready- A love or hate foundation. I personally can see the 'glitters' in the foundation, not so much on my face whilst indoors, but on my hands/clothes/in direct sunlight. I do think this is an evening foundation or one purely for photography because of this fact. Its pretty heavy but again it is supposed to be for a HD look. (2/5)

Revlon, ColorStay- My personal favourite out of the two Revlon's. This is often likened to Studio Fix Fluid, and I see why. Its again a brilliant high coverage, matte/healthy hybrid. This is a bit harder to work with that its MAC counterpart but is still lovely. (4/5)

Bourjois, Healthy Mix- I cannot explain how much I love this foundation. It gives a glowey, medium coverage and the finish is just brilliant. I've been dying to try Matte Lumiere by Chanel, and this has been said to be similar. However, recently I had a really bad breakout and I know its this now (cut it out and went back to normal) Its extremely scented so that's probably why! (2/5, would have been 5 if didn't cause spots!)

Collection 2000, Natural Matt Foundation- This is such an odd foundation, it is almost mousse like to the touch. I do like the look of it, it is matt but with a slight glow that makes me look less flat. I haven't worn this for ages and am going to tomorrow now!! (4/5)

Maybelline, Dream Creamy Foundation- Honestly now the weather is changing and my skin is drying out I love this. It blends lovely with a ELF Powder Brush, and I think it lasts lovely on the skin. Coverage is medium to full. I do have to set with a powder (4.5/5)

Maybelline, Dream Matt Mousse- The less said about this the better. It actually makes me cringe. It reminds me of my chavvier, heavy makeup phase. Very cakey. I just use this for any imperfections on my legs/chest on a night out. (1/5)

So, I hope that gives you some ideas, and helps you to make a more informed decision when buying!!

I'm always on the look out for a new one, so whats your favourite foundation?

Sophy xx


  1. this was really helpful thank you :) xxx

  2. this was so helpful:) now i have an idea of what foundations i would like to try:)

  3. I'm going to try the Maybelline creamy one, I hated that mousse stuff though agree with you completely. I also want to try the Nars one and see what the rave is all about. Thx.


  4. Shame about the healthy mix! I love that foundation :)
    MeganDvs xx