Shock horror!

Gosh I think this is the first outfit with actual colour featuring in it! Albeit a dark autumnal one.

Jumper- Matalan, Jeans- H&M Kids, Necklace- H&M, Shoes- Next.

Paired with a favourite basic of mine, this boxy short-sleeve knitted jumper. The best bit is it cost a mere £5. I hope they have a good colour range as I will be popping back for more! Again another high-neckline, with a statement necklace. I love silver. I also call this, 'the bib'.

These jeans are also a brilliant find. I've wanted a pair of coloured jeans for ages. I already own a baby pink pair, but I had my eye on an electric green pair which were a hefty £40 from Topshop. Many a time I picked them up with the intention to buy them. Then I rushed past these before work (note, many purchases happen before work!) and knew they were more ME (aka. bland/darker/understated). These are the shows I always seem to plump for now, and they are slowly hitting all high-street stores. I am desperate for the leopard print ones which would add 'something' to an all black outfit.

What's your favourite bargain buy?

Sophy xx

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