Bags full of dreams

I am in love. This is my new baby. If you follow my twitter you will probably be sick to death of seeing this bag.

My lovely nan was kind enough to make my bag dreams come true and make me the proud owner of a Mulberry. The model I have is the 'Somerset drawstring' and it was purchased from John Lewis (highly recommend- brill customer service and aftercare!).

I made sure I photographed the interior of the bag as it is truly beautifully lined. Unlike the Bayswater (more on that later!)it has a lovely lining which I appreciate. I would worry about ruining it unfinished leather inside the latter with all the junk that I seem to collect (wayward pens with no lid!!).

Anyway, I do love that this bag is subtle. It does have the Mulberry motif, but only very tiny, and you'd have to be close to see it. It's casual but structured structured style means it will match any outfit, and is timeless.

That being said I wouldn't say no to the extortionately price and half-finished Bayswater (next on list, shh!)

Other things that I've been doing at the mo include Sociology revision. My favourite (brilliant) teacher went on maternity leave at the start of my A2 course, and the replacement we got was a bit rubbishy. With the exam in January its fair to say I'm working hard to make sure I get the grades I'm after (i.e. not fail like Maths AS!!)

Also I'd like to pay respects to the thing making all this revision bearable. Nutella is my all time guilty pleasure. Forget toast or sandwiches I eat this by the spoonful. Half a pot later and I wonder why my jeans are feeling a bit snug?

What is your favourite cheeky snack?



  1. OH.MY.GOD MULBERRY! Jealous :( i want the roxanne but its so expensivee!! (and discontinued) that one is gorgeous though! xxo

  2. haha i eat nutella spoonful by spoonful. Naughty. eee. I love your bag so jealous !
    Love Cory, xxx

  3. ahhh what a gorgeous bag, you're very lucky - i'm jealous!

    f XO

  4. Nutella is a must! Although you can never stop at one spoonful, it truly is a heavenly food!

    xo fifi

  5. Love your bag!! I soooo want a mulberry, maybe one day...

    Ashlie x

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