As most of you will probably know it was my birthday early last week (I went on about it enough!!) so I thought I'd just post here a few pictures of my day/evening/meal. There weren't many because to be honest, my family aren't the most snap happy (camera shy lot we are!!)

So there you have it, a very brief insight into my celebrations. For those who wondered/asked, I will probably be filming a 'birthday haul' video because the majority of you would like to see it. I'd probably prefer to just photograph things for on my blog but majority rules hey!

I've also been in a bit of a clothing rut since the weather has gotten colder, so I am going on a much needed shopping spree with my mother tomorrow. I plan to find my perfect winter coat and boots. Tall order I know!!

The question is, should the coat be fur or leather?!?!



  1. Onion rings next to the cake... keeping it classy ;)
    You look beautiful Sophy :),xxx

  2. Love your blazer! x


  3. That pink blazer is beautiful! Hope you had a good birthday:)x

  4. That blazer is absolutely beautiful! Where is it from? xxx