Finding your Style (& Perfume!)

I think everyone has that period where they look in their wardrobe and hate absolutely everything. When you look at the contents and think 'what was going through my mind when I bought that?!?!'

I've only recently turned 18, and I can honestly say, this is the one year I haven't had to dig everything out my wardrobe, throw it out and start again. Its nice to be comfortable in your style and be able to wear the same thing when summer rolls back around.

I've reacted a point where my style has regulated as such. I know what to buy for my shape, and the gaps in my wardrobe, and what really is ME (i.e. I'll actually wear it!).

So.. I thought I'd show you some items which have been a feature in my wardrobe for a long time and that will remain a staple for me in years to come.

This cream dress was an on a whim purchase, that I regretted at the time. For £50 in Topshop, as a high schooler, this seemed stupid. It did however, quickly rise to my most worn item. The versatility of it is amazing. Belted or loose, with a chunky knit or a blazer, flats or heels, jewellery or none. It really is one of those 'office to night out' pieces which I don't ever want to part with.

The second is another Topshop dress. I had eyed this up so often in my local store on the mannequin. When it went in the sale for half price its safe to say I literally snatched it off the rails. It was bought around Christmas time and there was only a size 6 left, so it did have to be slimmed into (another reason I love it!) and its one of those dresses I wear to look sophisticated and classic.

This stripey Primark jumper is pretty famous in the youtube/blogging community. Everyone went mad for it in the two colour combinations they brought out. I picked it up and thought for a tenner it'll last at least this winter. An low and behold its still here and dug from the archives for this autumn/winter. Chunky knits will never die!

A blazer in a neutral shade will fast become a stable in your wardrobe. This odd hybrid of beige, purple and taupe is so unusual, and the draped pockets add something extra to something that could otherwise be boring. Mines from Matalan.

I have always as far back as I can remember had a pair of super simple black ballet flats in my collection. Not these specific ones I may add.. I have a way of ruining shoes extremely quickly. I always buy cheap and often plump for patent as they look more pricey. These and from Newlook.

Also, on a side note, I've for the first time in my life ran out of perfume. I usually have two or three going at once, choosing between them depending on the occasion/my mood. But a few days ago I realised I only had a few squirts left of them all.

Cue Zara White. I knew Zara perfumes where cheap, but when I sniffed this, fell in love and rushed to the counter with the tester, I wasn't expecting the teeny £6.90 price tag. It reminds me a lot of Body Shops White Musk, and defiantly has the musky light undertones. Its very day appropriate and the fact it doesn't break the bank means I don't worry about drowning myself in it many times a day. Staying firmly in my handbag.

Do you prefer expensive or bargain perfumes?

Sophy xxx


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