Indian Summer

What has happened to the UK? It's crazy that people are walking around in shorts and sandals in October! Admittedly I decided to team bare-legs with a fine knit jumper, just in case!

Knit- Topshop, Skirt- H&M, Sandals- Topshop Sale, Bag- Longchamp.

I thought I'd take advantage of the lack of rain and take my outfit snaps outside! Hope you enjoy a change of scenery, anythings more interesting than my white bedroom wall huh?

Anyway! On to the outfit itself. The skirt was an holiday buy which only got worn once, it was only £12.99, and it sort of reminds me of Cheap Monday (love!) because of the fold over. However, it has been dubbed by male friends as 'the Tarzan skirt'. They just don't get fashion do they? I suppose it does look a little like a loincloth.

The jumper was a recent purchase. I spotted it, fell in love and prepped myself for putting it back because of Topshop's steep prices. I almost fainted when I saw the price, but in a positive way!! £16, crazy Newlook/H&M prices but better quality. I want more!!

Hope you don't mind two posts in one day- only I wore this yesterday and today is my BIRTHDAY!!

What's your favourite season?



  1. Woah a Topshop jumper for £16?! Crazy. Lovely outfit and Happy Birthday! xx

  2. xELISSA
    I know I was so so shocked!!!
    Thank you very much xx