Attempting Colour

Its fair to say that as of late I've been pretty uninspired by clothing. I do tend to favour black, with my everyday outfit most probably being head to toe black. I go through phases of spending all my money on clothes, to blowing it all on make-up. Its fair to say lately I've been into make-up and feeling frumpy/boring in clothing.

I've seen this silky maxi skirt in the Topshop sale in all kinds of bright summery colours and always looked longingly at them. My fear of neon's put me off trying it, but on a random shopping trip with the boy, I spotted this plum coloured one.

Jumper: H&M
Maxi: Topshop (v.i.a Outlet)

I've also been loving my Nars modern love palette for a really lovely neutral eye, I've literally worn it everyday since I laid my hands on it, its so versatile, defiantly expect a review soon! Been really hating my face also lately. Something about my eyebrows/skin/pores have really been bugging me.

Also, I've been really really loving my Mulberry iPhone case. My auntie very generously got me this for my 18th. I will admit I was a little worried when I first opened it. As a complete accident prone, I thought I'd always have to use a case that never left the phone, but I've been doing really well with this 'sleeve' style one, and I'll admit that its nice to actually see the design of the phone for a change. It felt so much more bulky in my trusty Cath Kidston cover.

Anyway, somewhat of a random bits and bobs post. I just wanted to show you my new skirt but also had some things I wanted to chat about that didn't warrant an entire post!



  1. ooo i love the deep purple tone of the skirt with the black you look lovely.
    p.s give me you hair, this is all.

  2. The skirt is such a gorgeous colour. Really suits you x x

  3. the purple skirt looks lovely on you. I've been looking for a plain white or cream one but all I can find is bright greens and pinks! x

  4. Lovely outfit. I love love love the dress in the background, is it the H&M one? If so, I've been eyeing it up for the past few weeks, it's gorgeous x

  5. I love the skirt! It looks so nice on you :) xxx

  6. love this outfit, the skirt is lovely :)

  7. I love the skirt and the colour of it!!

  8. I love that skirt! such a nice autumn colour and its perfect for autumn/winter..
    i LOVE that iphone case! I also have the Cath Kidston one but it's starting to chip really easily around the sides now :(