Slippin' and Dippin'

Cream eye shadows have never really been my thing. MAC Paint pots are nice as bases, but alone they always seem a little disappointing and flat. I'd heard good things about Benefits 'Creaseless Cream' eyeshadow/liners. I ordered Slippin' and Dippin' for the mere price of £6.60 (link!)

The colour is an unusual hybrid of peach and gold. Its defiantly a given that this is warm toned, and I can imagine on pale/pink based skin it would look brassy or too gold. I usually wear this with a blush like MAC Melba or Nars Luster so that it almost blends and isn't as 'in-your-face'.

Overall, it must be said that the pigmentation on first swatch isn't brilliant. It needs a few layers simply to warm the product up and make it more blendable. However, when I have applied about 3 thin layers of this, it really doesn't budge or crease. The colour stays put and unlike with some of the MAC equivalents, it doesn't look like a greasy, glittery sheen by the end of the day.

And isn't the packaging just stunning?!



  1. I absolutely adore these, they make such a good base for eyeshadow and they're not kidding when they say they're creaseless! I've just ran out of r.s.v.p so I might give this shade a go and save myself a bit of money x

  2. Great colour, its the perfect combo of peach and gold, both are colours i tend to go for.

  3. its such a pretty colour, i bought one of these but in a pink colour, how it applies sounds exactly how you described it :) xx