Fallen in Love

Its very rare that I bother to use a skin priming product before my make-up. I often feel like my mattifying moisturiser is all the prepping I need. AGES ago I attended a 'fashion show' at my local shopping centre, and this baby was in the goody bag.

The product I'm going on about is the Clarins Beauty Flash Balm. This is by no means a new product, its been raved about by the likes of Lisa Eldridge and others. The tube I have is only a sample and as you can see its tiny! ..Smaller than a MAC lipstick even. But honestly a little goes a long way! I can't imagine how long a full size would last!

For days when I'm feeling my skin looks a bit rubbish, if its dull or dehydrated, I'll pop a blob of this on just before foundation and it gives a beautiful luminous, healthy finish to the skin. I feel like it really does make my foundation stay on longer and stops the dreaded patchy blush/bronzer that can happen when your make-up slides off.

All in all, I've slightly fallen in love with this product. The full size does cost a hefty £27.50, but as I said, you really don't need a lot. And for me, it wouldn't perhaps be used everyday, more just on nights out, when I need a skin boost, or want my make-up to last all day.

So, now I've opened my mind to primers, I need some advice, what is your favourite base for make-up?



  1. I've tried a few primers before, but they turn my skin so greasy and slimy. The best I ever used was a 'stay matte' moisturiser by Nivea, but it was ages ago and they don't do it anymore. I used to swear by it! Such a shame :(

    xo fifi


  2. Benefit Pore-fessional is really great for getting your foundation to go on super smoothly and the one by Pixi gives an amazing glow either under foundation or mixed in with it! xx

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