Glossybox: November

I think its fair to say that if you haven't heard about 'Glossybox' by now, you probably are living under a rock. The brand have done the rounds on youtube and blogs, sometimes in comparisons with the likes of similar concepts.

Firstly, I've always thought Glossybox is very, me. The pale pink, the simplicity, and its high-end, but current feel.

Glossybox did in fact contact me and ask if I'd like to trial their boxes, and on the basis that I was looking to order one regardless, I accepted.

The November box was a good one for me personally. To be brutally honest, this idea will always upset someone, as people have completely different views and preferences when it comes to something as personal as beauty products. There will no doubt be each month, a few things you love and would buy full sized, and a few dud items which you wouldn't ever imagine yourself using.

This links in to the perfume samples debate. If I were to amend one thing about these boxes, it would be to evaluate how hard it is to choose a perfume which is universally flattering and liked.

The star product for me and the one I'd had my fingers crossed would be in my box (more on this later) is the Philip Kingsley Elasticizer. It's a pre-shampoo intensive nourishment treatment for your hair- something I'd never tried, nor deemed necessary before. After two uses its fair to say this is a brilliant, brilliant product! The full sized version is a little steep but something I would consider putting on my Christmas list. The great thing about sample boxes is I would have never gone out and tried this product before, or even thought about trying it.

I must just give a quick word in relation to the 'personalised' box scheme. I think placing a different colour nail polish or scent of perfume in each box is nice, how boring would it be to see reviews that were all COMPLETELY the same for a start, and also it just ruins the element of surprise. But I would personally say that the fact some did not receive the Phillip Kingsley product, in my eyes the star of the box, is not really that fair.

I hope you enjoyed and didn't think this post is too same-y!!

What box are you subscribed to, if any? If you aren't, why aren't you?

Sophy xx

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  1. This post has tempted me to invest in GlossyBox's... just don't know whether to take the plunge! x