My Modern Love

This is what I would consider a 'holy grail' item for me now. It's achieved this status very quickly, seeing as I've only owned it for around 2-3 weeks. It was bought on ASOS much like all my other Nars products are (student discount is good for my bank account!).

The Modern Love palette contains 6 extremely wearable neutrals. Unlike many others by Nars (and other brands come to think of it!) there isn't a single shade in here I deem as 'outrageous' or that I would never use. I mean come on, we all have a palette with one or two 'out there' colours we said 'Oh I'll use it on a night out/special occasions/pop of colour for summer'. Alas the brights remain untouched and seem like a bit of a waste of money.

Top row: Alhambra, Jezebel, India Song
Bottom row: Tokyo, Kabanera, Pandora

The lovely thing about these eye shadows is the mixture of cool and warm tones, with Jezebel being a beautiful unique red, rusty brown that looks stunning on its own as a sheer wash of colour. Kabanera is unlike any colour I've seen before, a very cool brown, with purple undertones and a fine silver shimmer (not glitter, no fall out!!).

All of the shades are extremely buttery smooth, much like any other Nars eyeshadow. Pigmentation is also excellent, the quality really cannot be faulted. Yes, the price is slightly steep, at £39, but each individual shadow is large, similar to the size of a MAC shadow. (Divide the price by the amount of eye shadows and you're only paying £6.50 each Nars shade!.. Make-up theory!)

Also, it received a whopping 4.8 on Make-up Alley, which if you often check the website, is brill compared to the slating that even brilliant products get on there!

So, I ask you, Modern Love or UD Naked palette?

Sophy xx


  1. Kabanera looks gorgeous! Wouldn't mind getting my hands on a Nars eyeshadow after reading this xo

  2. i really like the colours!
    Nice blog, btw :-)