Nougat lust

Vivo is a brand that has well and truly done the rounds on blogs and youtube recently. This could always go two ways for me. Either A) I avoid the brand completely and expect the over compensatory promoting is to make up for a rubbishy product, or B) be totally sucked in an lust after all the products.

Vivo fit into the latter category. Having already picked up the translucent mattifying powder, I decided to have a closer look at the raided, empty counters in my local Tesco.

So I walked away with Nougat.

It was a toss up between this creamy natural peachy brown nude, and a more pink based nude, called Barely There.

I will admit I wasn't particularly expecting much in terms of this lipstick. The £1.99 price tag, like the natural collection ones, made me nervous of the finish. Although when swatched in the store, I did notice that the majority were cream finishes, with only a few with shimmer.

Nougat applies to the lips very opaque, which is what I look for in a nude lipstick. I have quite dark pigmented lips and a lip liner is not needed, so a huge thumbs up there!

Here you have some swatches. However useless, as my skin tone is probably completely different to mine, hopefully you can gauge the finish it has. You can also see that this isn't too pale a colour. I find the paler, pinker nude hard to pull off, especially in day time, but I can see this being a universally flattering shade.

So when I first swatched this lipstick, I initially thought of Blankety by MAC. This lead me on a little dupe searching..

(L-R, MAC- Blankety, Vivo- Nougat, Rimmel- Spotlight Beige)

I think its clear to see now from the photo's, that they are all extremely similar. It is evident in the swatches however that on my skin tone Blankety has more purple undertones, Nougat more peach and Spotlight Beige more pink.

Overall, I'm in love with this lipstick, and genuinely excited to check out some different colours, and all can be done at ease during the weekly shop.

In other news, I'm genuinely chuffed that my foundation collection is slowly but surely disappearing as I use up more and more mediocre offerings. I promise I'm not pleased just because its making room for more.. (Chanel Matt Lumiere please!)

Hope everyone is well,


  1. that colour looks great on your lips, thanks for the comparison and swatches :) xx

  2. Oh this is lovely! I keep seeing these Vivo products all over blogs, it's time I wet and picked some up! X

  3. This looks lovely. I'm gutted I don't live near a big Tesco whilst I'm at Uni, I'm desperate to try this brand! x

  4. I love that color I've been looking for something like that. I'll have to find a dupe.


  5. My foundation "collection" started with natural collection's tinted moisturizer (great product for the price it costs), bourjois healthy mix etc and I am now contemplating the Garnier BB Cream although it looks a bit dark for my pale skin ! The Vivo lipstick looks great might have to take a look at the rimmel one for a dupe outside the UK :)