Metallic Knits

This jumper is my new favourite.

Jumper: Primark, Jeans- Primark, Watch- Michael Kors, Nail polish- Nails inc (glamour freebie!)

Upon writing out this post I realised I was head to toe Primark (coat and shoes included). I find it really cringey when people do this and am so glad no one noticed/questioned it.

I went on a seasonal shop with the mother not too long ago in order to prep my wardrobe for the arctic conditions. This jumper found its way into my basket on a whim as I really wanted to try the metallic knit trend but all are either too pricey or look extremely tacky and itchy. I thought this was a cute take on metallics, even if it means I look like I've been splattered with paint (thanks boyfriend).

Everyone knows Primark prices are going up and up slowly. (Do they think we don't notice?;) Well this cost £14, which is still a bargain I suppose, especially after I spotted this from River Island, isn't it identical?! I was so shocked as to how similar they are. Also, I got this in a size 14 just so it wasn't skin tight.

Illamasqua Skin Base (with fingers)
Benefit Bo-ing Concealer (with Elf contour brush)
Elf HD Powder (with the puff)
Elf Contour Kit, darker shade (with Elf fan brush)
Nars Luster blush (with MAC 187)
Painterly Paintpot (with fingers)
Nars Cyprus shadow (with MAC 217)
L'oreal Super liner carbon gloss
Maxfactor Masterpiece Max mascara
Vivo Nougat lipstick (review here )

I must mention my 'can't be bothered' look I have going on with the face/hair. I totally needed to wash my hair and the ends looked a little dry(frazzled) so I shoved it up in a bun. Fail-safe hair.

My eyebrows are in need of a wax. My hair also needs dying- I really don't know what to have done to it! I do love the look of golden blonde locks, and it does suit my colouring. BUT it a) costs a fortune which as a student who only works part time and has a makeup addiction it's a pain in the bank account. And also b) The regrowth is hideous. I personally don't even have dark natural hair, its light ash brown, but it still depresses me seeing a band of roots.

Any ideas on colours/styles I could try?



  1. oo what are the primark jeans like on are they skinny leg i'm guessing ? I need a new pair of jeans as my topshop ones have had it, i don't know if i can be bothered spending £40.00 on another topshop pair they seem to fade quick :/ booo. Love the jumper! As for the hair im in the same rut :( i might get a load of golden / caramel / brown highlights and low lights in mine still costs a bomb tho wah things we do to look good ranting as per usual lolllll xx

  2. I love this trend of metallic jumpers/sweaters. I've yet to buy one but this new color combo makes me more in love than ever.


  3. Those jumpers are almost identical. Great purchase!

  4. Becky: They're the 'super skinny' range! so brilliant, might actually do a whole post on them soon! they're holy grail for me!! Hair is such a chore it never works out for me! xx

    Channing: I love gold and black together too!

    Steph.Howlin: I cannot believe how similar they are! pleased!

  5. Gorgeous metallic jumper, I bought one like this a few years back from eBay but it's so old and worn now I think I will invest in another! Have you tried dying your hair at home? Much cheaper than a salon do and most home kits give a gorgeous result nowadays! xo fifi

  6. the jumper is so nice! :)