So I expect by now you've all become sick to death of reading posts on this foundation. It seems to have had a surge of popularity, with many a blogger having a rave. Until recently the foundation never really struck me as a must try. The packaging looks pretty bland, not particularly worth its £20 price tag, and Jemma Kidd isn't a brand that is readily available to me, and testers are important when it comes to foundation.

After much deliberation, I finally settled on the shade 03. For reference I'm an NC25 in MAC and Santa Fe in Nars Sheer Glow. The colour range isn't very extensive at all, and from what I can gather from other reviews and swatches most are yellow based.

The consistency its very running, so if you like the application of Nars Sheer Glow or Studio Fix Fluid, this really wont be for you. I think this is what makes the foundation 'light as air'. It has a really lovely smoothing, light feel to it, which also packs the punch with coverage. The light-weight texture also makes it really buildable, and I usually apply one layer on my forehead and chin and two on my nose and cheeks. This makes the perfect medium finish foundation for me.

One thing I do struggle with is how to apply this foundation. As you can see from the above photo, it is extremely runny, and sets pretty quickly, which can look patchy if it isn't blended out properly. I have tried applying straight on the brush, but lots of product is then lost into it. Applying to the back of my hand means that I seem to use more product. Applying it first with my fingers in dots to my faces means that the part I blend last has already dried/set. Gosh a dilemma I know. I currently use an ELF Powder brush, and although the finish is OK, I am hoping to get a Sigma F80 for Xmas, apparently they are a match made in heaven!

The over all finish is dewy and luminous, during the winter it isn't necessary for me to set this with a powder, although I tend to use a loose one just to give it a little more longevity. It can cling to dry imperfections if they aren't well moisturised so that could be something to note if your skin is a little drier. Over all, this foundation is a good one, it looks very natural, and the finish is lovely even after a 7 hour shift at work. But I don't know, something is slightly missing for me, no one mentioned my skin looking better like so many other bloggers say, and although I wear it often, its not got the ultimate wow factor like Nars Sheer Glow did when it was first bought. Maybe my opinion will change when used with the F80?

What are your thoughts on the Light As Air foundation?


  1. It sounds like it might work well with a beauty blender sponge :)
    I havent tried it but i dont think i will, doesnt sound like itll work so well for me!

  2. I love this foundation.. I apply it with a beauty blender and find I don't need to use much at all. Maybe give that a whirl, I think with brushes you can tend to use more product than you need as you lose alot on the brush :)
    Ps: LOVE your watch, I've actually got the same one myself! :)

  3. I've actually never seen a review on this foundation, so this was really helpful, thanks! Seems like a product that I would like a lot, will have to try it sometime! :)

  4. I got this foundation for Christmas and I'm on the fence about it , I've only tried it once so it might take a few tries to get used to, hopefully.

  5. I just recently purchased this foundation for the first time also. Before I used a Clarins one but this one is just amazing! I'm quite pale so I only need shade No.1 but I would recommend it to anyone!

  6. I really want to try this with all the buzz around it just now. I have a million other foundations to use up first though... well if I can at least use up one... ha