A bit of a different post on beautybutbetter today, but I hope you enjoy it all the same.

Michael Kors is a brand I believe to be pretty synonymous with bloggers. Every blogger and their mum has one, so I was pretty surprised that when I got mine, people in my *real life* often said 'what/who is Michael Kors?'.

I received my silver and rose gold, MK5315, watch for my 18th birthday, from my lovely boyfriend. If you want to know any more of the fact-y details then check here (exactly where it was bought)

Basically, what I wanted to put across in this post is if you think this watch is mega expensive, and you feel like other duplicates (there are many on the world of eBay) would suffice, then I would honestly urge you to rethink. Yes, £199 isn't exactly pocket change, but the quality is suburb. I know it may just be my over thinking things, but when I buy/am gifted a more expensive item, I know I will defiantly get the use out of it. I'm less likely to think 'oh it doesn't matter it was only £X' or 'I'll buy a selection of cheaper ones to alternate'.

The face on this watch is really really stunning. Working in retail, I always scratched my watches to pieces on hangers, yet this has remained in perfect condition. I was sure to add the last picture, because, as much as I am in love with the two-toned metal bracelet, the rose gold portion is a lot more sensitive to scratches. It does look worse in this picture, and personally, I'm not too fussy about it.

Anyhow, some what of a random post, but many ask on my youtube channel, and the watch appears so coveted, I felt the need to add my two cents. Today Michael Kors, tomorrow Rolex? (I wish!!!)

Would you buy a MK? Or do you already own one?


  1. I looooove Michael Kors watches, I wanted an all gold one but now I really like the silver and gold one u have!

    Faye :)

  2. I tried this on in Goldsmiths today and fell in love! My Mums buying it for my 21st so excited to wear it. It really is stunning!Great post x