Chanel is a brand that has always intrigued me as a consumer. The packaging and initial impressions of products are enough to wow anyone, make-up lover or make-up novice, yet due to the hefty price tag, I'd always worried that the wearablility and quality of the product would let the visual aspects down.

I won't say much about the packaging except it is absolutely stunning. It feels sturdy and luxury, not something you'd be embarrassed to pull out in the ladies. For me the little velvet pouch, however cute, just gets tossed to the back of a drawer, it would perhaps be handy for those who travel and don't want to risk spoiling the packaging, but to me its a hassle to remove it in the morning!

Initially when I opened it I was a little disappointed. The actually eyeshadow itself is tiny! The packaging is far too large to be honest, I'd prefer either a bigger shadow or smaller case! However, after the quantity shock, I focused in more on the shade itself. Safari is an extremely gorgeous true taupe colour which flatters lighter (blue or green) eyes perfectly. The pigmentation is brilliant, personally I find it much more creamy and smooth than MAC shadows, and it blends seamlessly, making it a gorgeous all over lid colour.

When swatched the golden undertones really begin to show. I did find however, on my mums pinker toned skin, it was much more brown based.

Safari is fast becoming a most worn for me, due to its perfect wearable colour and consistency. It is very similar in tone to MAC's Patina, another of my favourites. Although I do love a bit of Chanel, if you're looking to pick between the two, go for Patina, its a good £10 cheaper!

Do you own any Chanel shadows? I'd love to try a quad or duo next!!


  1. I've always steered clear of Chanel because of the hefty price tag. I'd love to try Vitalumiere Aqua or the bronzing base though, I'm just scared I wouldn't love either enough to justify the cost! x

  2. its such a lovely colour, never can go wrong with Chanel but I think I shall get the patina if anything xx

  3. That is such a beautiful color. I might have to go try it out! It's such a huge container for one small shadow though isn't it? Gotta love CHANEL though. x