Back again are the black dresses. When I slip in a trouser rut, I always ween myself out of it by wearing all black. Today I was clearly feeling adventurous and wore my new favourite mulberry coloured tights. They're the 'super soft' woolly tights from Tesco (currently on sale for £2!!!) and they are probably the warmest tights I've ever owned. I just love them, they're bright enough to notice, but subtle enough to be wearable. Not much else to say I'm afraid, pretty basic but personally I believe the best things are the simple ones!!

Shift dress: H&M
Tights: Tesco
Necklace: Dogeared (link!)


  1. Love the colour of the tights, I seem to be gravitating towards deep berry colours so much lately! x

  2. love it, its gorgeous - lovely hair also xx

  3. So pretty, the little black is so chic :-)