Ten things for 2012

2011 hasn't been an awful year for me to be honest. It had its good points and bad points. My youtube channel is now a little over one year old and although my interest has wavered slightly, I still love rambling on about make-up. I started my first year of 'higher education', fell in love with Sociology and failed Maths A-level. You win some, you lose some.

I've never liked the idea of 'New Years Resolutions'. Setting your self an unrealistic goal can be a complete deterrent so I prefer to create a check list of 'to-do's' in 2012. Nothing like, 'loose 8 stone' or 'blog every second of the day'. Just a carefully compiled list of things I'd like to experience.

1. Brighton has always been a town I've wanted to visit, with its juxtaposition of night life and gorgeous scenery
2. Although Daniel and I went to Gran Canaries last year, it was with my parents also. I'd like to spend some me time with the boy on foreign soil.
3. Many who watch my YT will know I visited Poland for the day to tour Auschwitz Concentration Camp. I'd love to go back once again for a little longer to look around properly
4. One on a slightly more superficial level. Although its not the numbers that count, I'd love to expand my subscriber count to this mile stone.
5. Like above, I'd love to know so many of you take time out of your busy days to read my thoughts.
6. I know at the tender age of 18, the last thing you want to think about is mortgages and home wear, but in a steady 2 year + relationship, I'd like to be financially prepared when we decide to take the next step.
7. Although it feels like I could potentially be in education for ever, I'd love to gain a degree at a university I like, doing a course I love.
8. As a young girl I'd often write stories which my mum would read and enjoy. The older you get the more you doubt your abilities and I think its time I let my creative juices flow free.
9. A bit of a Gok mantra here, but the amount of money I spend on clothes is nearing on ridiculous. I'd like to curb my spending habits, and get the most wear possible out of those I already own.
10. What with exams and such, my reading habits have slipped and I often leave books unfinished. I need to pick up the book reading pace and get back in the swing of things.

So there you have it. My 2012 check list. Needless to say I could come back this time in 2013 and near or none are ticked off, but hey, its nice to at least formulate a plan!

Tell me one thing you want to experience in 2012, or link me to your lists!


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  2. Good luck! I've never seen a blog post like this yet, where your resolutions are all written out :-)
    Number 10 is something I'm aiming to do as well :-) xx

  3. definitely come to brighton! i live in a town just outside it and i love it there! such a vibrant mixed town and great for shopping- both vintage and highstreet!

  4. I've been to the Auschwitz too, I can't really remember much though because I was only four. I would recommend going to Krakow in Poland, I have relatives over there so I've been several times visiting. Krakow is a beautiful place, lots of historic buildings and lovely shops with hand made gifts and things. Also think it's a great idea doing a 'to-do' list, you've inspired me! :) xx

  5. That's nice you want to re-visit Poland. Actually, I'm from Poland (I live near Lodz - it's the center of my country and there was a getto some time ago)
    Krakow is nice, but i would recommend Wroclaw a lot more!
    By the way, i love your channel!
    I wish you happy new year and lots of love.... and of course Poland is waiting with arms wide open :)

  6. Lovely resolutions, hope you manage to stick to them all :)

  7. love your wishlist/resolutions. and the pictures are quite stunning. makes me proud to be british too :)