Luxury Organics

* Kindly gifted by Neom

I love candles, but am a very picky consumer. Since a child I've suffered with chronic migraines, often triggered by particular scents (Yankee, Christmas Cookie, I'm looking at you!) I was pretty worried to light this as the scent is very strong when you open the box (which is beautiful).

I'm happy to report that I remained head-ache free whilst this burned away. Not only does this luxury candle look gorgeous on my dresser, it fills the whole of upstairs with fresh, spring time scent.

Three wick candles are my ultimate favourite and although usually they burn very fast, and are used up quick, this offering really lasts.

The candle also claims to cheer you up and make you happier (hence the name- happiness), I personally haven't noticed a difference but on whole I'm generally a miserable person!

Give me some recommendations! What is your favourite candle?


  1. My favourite is Yankee Candle's Mango Peach Salsa, smells so good! x

  2. ooh this looks so pretty! i would say my favourite is christmas cookie, but thats not a very good recommendation for you! xxxx

  3. Oh I LOVE this candle and really feel like it perks me up! I also adore The White Company candles too.. scrummy!

    George |

  4. Oh your a very lucky lady to receive this xx
    I love any type of vanilla candle really but I have an elemis one which is really lovely xx I received a NEOM happiness candle in my February Amarya box and I am totally in love with that xx