Packing Light

Apologies for the iPhone quality!

Long ago in December of last year (how time flies!!) the boy and I went on a short overnight shopping trip to London. Being the hoarder that I am, one of the first panics was how am I going to condense my travel make-up so I can carry it to and fro.

I decided one item per category (i.e. one blush, one foundation) is all I needed. We also ate out at the Savoy restaurant in the evening so it was important that it could be transformed from day-to-night. This is where the Nars Modern Love palette (review here) came in handy. Benefits Porefessional got a really thorough test run and I'll definitely be popping up a review of it soon!

I think I packed pretty well for me! Is this more or less make-up than you deem necessary?


  1. One products per category is definitely a great packing tip ! I need to learn how not to overpack ! xx

  2. Ohhh ive just gone through the makeup packing dilemma too! This is pretty much what i took for a week in Lanzarote last week plus a few extra things. I think youve done very well i struggle no end to condense my slap! :) xx