Pure Poison

Dior Pure Poison EDP (here)

My nan has always worn Dior Poison perfume, one synonymous with the older lady, extremely popular when released (and still today!). Two years ago, before a family holiday, she asked me to pop into town for her and pick up a new bottle. The lady at the counter unfortunately handed this bottle over, and I bought it none the wiser. My nan didn't like it and it was passed to me, and that is where the love affair began.

I'm utterly rubbish, and not particularly interested (blasphemy!!) in perfumes, but I am informed that the main notes are White Floral and Citrus, which makes it seem almost fresh in comparison to the original. Don't be fooled by its initially light top notes, bottom notes of Sandalwood and Amber mean this fragrance will linger all day.

Anyway- less technically, I can put on this perfume and still smell it through out the day, something I look for in a perfume. It wont make you feel sick like most celebrity perfumes do, but its not like some perfumes that you spray and the smell goes within an hour.

I am aware its pricey, but so are most good long lasting perfumes now. Have a sniff at your local counter and you might be shocked about how much more modern Diors' perfumes have become.

What's your favourite (dare I say, signature) scent?


  1. Ahhh I remember using this perfume years ago and I LOVE it unfortunately I never get round to buying it as I do find it a bit expensive but it smells amazing and last all day!

  2. This perfume smells amazingly good ! Definitely on the perfume wishlist ! xx

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