Earth Reflections

I have no idea why I haven't mentioned this brilliant palette before. I gets used at least once every week, so for me, it's a staple in my collection. This is my first ever eyeshadow from Dior, needless to say, the quality is second to none. To be honest the detailing and intricacy even rivals the likes of Chanel for me personally. The embossing and hologram CD in the packaging just make it feel like a proper grown-up luxury piece.

Anyway, on to the shadows themselves. I picked this set on a whim, just spotting that it seemed the most neutral and wearable for me personally, I would wear every single colour in this palette. They clearly have been carefully crafted to suit each other perfectly, in any combination.

The swatches show the intense pigmentation and silkiness of the colours. In most brands, MAC included, the lighter colours tend to lack the colour pay off, but Earth Reflections delivers with every single shadow.

My only niggle with this palette is the lack of matt or satin finish colour/s. I personally like to have at least one in order to create a more natural and subtle eye look every now and again. I mean it isn't a deal breaker, I have plenty of other eye shadows I can use in conjunction with the Dior palette, but for travelling, if a matt colour for crease work was included, it would be truly perfection!

Have you tried Dior shadows? Give me some recommendations on other good ones!

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