I honestly cannot sing Painterly paint pot, by MAC's praises enough. It is the ultimate of holy grail for me, and probably the only product that definitely I use on a daily basis. Most use Painterly as a primer to prevent creasing and increase colour pay off from eye shadows. I find that on my relatively normal lids this works wonders and extending longevity of shadows, but also covers small veins and pigmentation that my lids tend to have in the morning.

Being a contact lens wearer, my eyes are often red, sore or just slightly discoloured, so even if I choose to go sans-shadow, I really need to just smooth the complexion. I can't express how life-saving this product is, this single creamy product eradicates the need to cover my eyelids in foundation, powder, and other eye shadows just to provide an even base.

And the best part is, its only £13.50. Some might think this is a bit steep for a glorified cream shadow. But the consistency and pigmentation sets it aside from any cheaper alternatives. Also, I bought this one pot nearly two years ago (gross to some!) and haven't had any infamous problems with drying up or a change in the texture.

Do you have any favourite paint pots? Although Painterly is my ultimate favourite product, I also bought Vintage Selection, who's glittery and sheerness has put me off buying more!

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  1. Oh this looks amazing as a base ! xx