Ballerina Princess Dress

Dress: H&M, Tights: F&F @ Tesco, Shoes: Urban Outfitters.

As soon as I walked downstairs my little 3 year old cousin said 'oh pretty ballerina princess dress Foofy' (shes not quite mastered my name yet, so I'm Foofy or Foof). I had always looked longingly at the in H&M but always deemed it as a bit of a novelty and not cost worthy. It went into the sale for £10 and I thought oh sod it and snapped it up. Yes, it highlights my apple shape, and adds unnecessary volume to my child-bearing hips, but to heck with it, it's a bit of fun!

I love wearing this with a more tailored, masculine blazer, just to add a bit of structure and make me look a bit more grown up. The shoes also add something to the outfit. Unfortunately they cripple me, I could have done with a 5, so these have been given to my nan.

What do you think, be strict when dressing for you shape or have fun with fashion occasionally?

P.S. I went for my first proper run yesterday, and I'm still alive! Shock horror, I actually enjoyed it!


  1. Ahhhh,you look amazing! I love this outfit and you pull it off so well! I don't think I could pull it off as well as you did though and it's definitley not for everyone!
    LOVE your blog
    please take a look at mine

  2. Thats dress is beautiful!
    Wish i had seen it! It really suits you!
    Also! ADORE those shoes! How cute are they? LOVE!

  3. oh my gosh I love your shoes! <3

  4. I neeeeeed these shoes! But you look amazing, deffo a good buy. :) xxx

  5. Gorgeous outfit! I love those tights xx

  6. What a lovely dress! The purple tights are perfect with it. Those shoes are so dang cool, too. You look adorable!

  7. Love this outfit.

    I need those shoes in my life!!


  8. I love the dress, it's really pretty and goes so well with the coloured tights x

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