The Sack.

Dress: Topshop sale (£46 to £25)

Firstly, apologies for the dull background of these pictures, I've been trying to not take them inside but the weather has been awful, I've been unwell and also I've not posted in aaaages!

I had actually been stalking this dress since it popped up on the 'new in' section of the website. When I saw it in store I often umm'ed and ahh'ed about buying it as a treat for myself, but something else always popped up, and I sure am glad it did!

It's definitely got a strong resemblance to a sack, but that's the shape I've been enjoying recently. I'm not one for body con or clingy-ness. The sleeves are also shoulder length which I appreciate, I'm always a fan of bingo wing disguise.

Have you bought anything in the Topshop sale? Would you wear this dress loose or belted?


  1. 'Bingo wing disguise'... nooooo! You do not have bingo wings, silly. :)
    This has a really lovely print. Personally I would wear it with a belt to cinch it in a bit and add some shape. x

  2. Lovely dress :) I would probably put a belt around it on me, but it really suits you like this :) xx

  3. Georgeous print!

  4. Such a perfect blog!

    Would be amazing if you could follow back :)