Thank god for Ikea!

So, embarrassingly I have too many clothes to fit in my wardrobe. It has become quite evident recently, that when buying new things, they wont fit into my teeny built in wardrobe. Because it'd built in, buying a new one wasn't an option, I'd already sifted through and gave all my unwanted things away, and obviously I'm not going to stop buying! (who would even suggest such a thing?!?! *dad*)

Anyway, off I trotted to Ikea and became the proud owner of the "Mulig" clothes rail. On it I have all my favourite (often newest) items that I will rotate in and out of my wardrobe when appropriate. The OCD in me decided that only uniform hangers will do so I picked up 10 packs of the (cheapo) "Bagis" hangers. Also to make it look a bit more interesting and to save yet more space in my actual wardobe I arranged my shoes into the 9 compartment "Skubb" storage.

Overall I think it looks pretty cute and actually matches the theme (whiteness) of my room!

Whats your best storage tip? Do you have an over-flow rail for clothes?


  1. I think i need to do this too ahaa but no its defiantly impossible to stop buying ;)x

  2. I think clothes racks look great in rooms, wish I had space for one :) x

  3. This looks lovely :)
    Why would anyone want to stop shopping???

    Laura xoxo

  4. Perfect! I have a rail tooo, and I also alternate the clothes on it every season, like atm it's all pastel and floral colours for summer. Even though its bloody raining again :| but yes, its a great idea!!!

  5. I use clothes rails a lot as well, as I move around very often it saves me from having to move an entire wardrobe ! Loving the shoes storage as well ! xx

  6. nice idea.. thanks for sharing.