Why I don't wear trousers!

Tee: Erdem for Topshop, Trousers: Topshop, Shoes: Primark, Watch: Micheal Kors.

So this is what I wore today. I've been incredibly lazy and managed to snap these in a rare dry patch. The rain completely de-motivates me!

It's rare that I'll wear trousers, my short (chunky) legs make it near on impossible to find ones that fit right, and look flattering. These navy ones from Topshop are my favourite (non-jean) trousers and what I reach for when I don't fancy wearing a dress/skirt/shorts. The best part is, they aren't 5 inches below my feet and they cost £5(!) in the sale!

I managed to get my hands on this Erdem for Topshop china print tee shirt in a stroke of luck when one popped back up in my size! I figured it must have been a returned one because it went straight back to out of stock when I refreshed the page. It's photographed awfully here but you can see a picture of the print on my instagram (username: ribbonsandflowers).

Also, I fancied a change, so parted my hair to the side, and I think it looks much better! Do you prefer it this way or in a centre part? Are you a dress or trouser person?!


  1. You definitely suit it in a side parting,it's really nice like that. :)

    I'm more of a trouser person because i'm the opposite of what you're like,i'm really tall and thin,so it's hard to find dressers to flatter my shape. :(

  2. You look lovely with a side parting :) The trousers really suit you too - and what a bargain at a fiver!
    I'm very much a jeans person although I am getting more into dresses as the nicer weather is (trying) to make an appearance. I find it difficult to find dresses/skirts in a flattering length though as I have slightly muscley/curvy thighs :s

  3. Side parting really suits ! I am definitely a trouser person, skinny jeans all the way ! And these trousers really suit you, your legs do not look chunky at all ! xx


  4. I tend to switch between dresses/skirts and leggings. Last month, all I was wearing was leggings/trousers and now I've bought so many dresses/skirts! You look lovely! x
    Dreams and Dresses

  5. I always find trousers really difficult to pull off, I'm only 5ft2 so they always seem to make me look even shorter than I already am - and high waisted ones give me a duck's arse so they're a no no! Don't know how on Earth you can think you look chunky, you're teeny!

  6. loving the side parting and the shoes!the outfit looks great

  7. Hey sweetie! You have a very beautiful blog with a lot of inspiring posts! I'd like to invite you to be my friend and follow each other:)

  8. Your hair looks nice both ways :) I'm an inbetween person, I sometimes reach for a skirt and sometimes reach for trousers... but I do find trousers a lot easier to style!


  9. Such a lovely outfit, casual but classy. The pants look great on you :) Love the flats as well.