High Waist

Top: DIY French Connection
Necklace: Miss Selfridge
Jeans: All Saints v.i.a TK MAXX
Belt: H&M
Shoes: Converse

My boyfriend spotted these (extremely) high waisted boyfriend jeans by All Saints in our local Tk Maxx. They fit everywhere but on the waist, but that's nothing a belt can't fix. Plus they were only £6! Such a saving on the £100ish RRP.

I knew I wanted to wear it with a crop top, and I wasn't really feeling any that I already own. I cut the bottom off this extremely old baggy fitting French Connection tee. The bonus of doing this means I could pick the perfect length of it. When stood normally it just touches the waistband, I didn't want my belly to be out all the time, only when I move/stretch.

I think the high waistedness and the converse just make the whole outfit look a little bit 80's. Do you like high waisted bottoms? What would you wear them with?


  1. Wow! I really love the jeans! They are stunning!!


  2. They'd look great with ballet flats too ! Great find hun ! xx


  3. The jeans are such a good bargain! Lovely outfit! x

  4. I adore those jeans! I wish I could wear high-waisted jeans but being 5ft tall sadly missing a washboard stomach I am sadly deprived of that option... I can however wear high waisted shorts just about and with those I rely on baggy crop tops (only showing the tummy when I stretch like you said) and oversized vest tops tucked in. x