If Carlsberg did jeans..

So if you read my last post you'd know that I am on a desperate mission to find the perfect black jeans. I'm incredibly fussy, and my checklist included;

  • Nice and black, I can't be doing with fading and I find all one colour jeans to be more flattering
  • Skinny! I honestly could never go back to the days of the bootcut. This style is just most versitile and modern.
  • Not too low waisted. As much as I love my Topshop Leigh jeans, they just sit so low, almost unflatteringly, and don't hold the muffin top as much as I'd like.
  • Comfortable. They can't be too stiff and usually jeans that are soft and stretchy (like these and the Leigh's) are most comfy.
  • Don't go baggy on the knee's! Baggy, saggy knee's are honestly the bain of my jeans-wearing life. I cannot emphasise how annoying it is to sit down for a ten minute car journey, then stand up and having crinkly knee's.

So I was wandering through Zara, looking for the Coated trousers (which I picked up also- cheeky!), and spotted these. Tried them on. Fitted like a glove. Bought them.

For £30, I will be honest, I didn't have high expectations. I often find cheaper jeans to be stiff and have a tendency to loose their shape. How wrong I was. They fit perfectly, I don't want to liken them to leggings, because they are definitely nothing alike, but the fit is as tight and snug as leggings. They didn't give me baggy knee's after a whole day of college, and then a 4 hour shift afterwards. I'm totally amazed. I want them in every colour already!

There are some negatives for me though. Firstly, the zips are OK. I suppose they add something to otherwise plain jeans, I just wish they had a silver option. The zips on the ankles also come in handy to rectify my second complaint. Zara, in my personal opinion cater for the taller lady. I'm talking 5'7 and above. At a measly 5'3, I'd appreciate a petite option! :( But as I mentioned, the zips helped them sit more flatteringly on the ankle (but near to impossible to roll up!)

Sorry there aren't any pictures of my in them, today is honestly one of those days where the only time I'm changing out of my PJ's is to put on clean ones! (lazy!) But I'm sure they will feature in upcoming outfit posts! Also- how can I write such a comprehensive post on a pair of basic black jeans?!?!

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  1. Zara do make their jeans for tall women, I'm 5'3" too and it's such a pain to find the perfect length of jeans ! xx


  2. i saw them today in Zara but could not get it thinking the same thing that it was a little too tall for me as i am a petite person!

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