Poppy Pants

T-shirt: Topshop (Old)
Trousers: George @ Asda
Sandals: River Island (Old)
Watch: Michael Kors 

Trust it to be the only two days this week that the sun has decided to show its face, that I'm stuck in work. Luckily today I finished relatively early, and can spend a few hours soaking up the rays.

There is always that moment when the weather suddenly changes and I have a wardrobe panic. "It's not sandals weather is it?" "I don't want to look like I'm holidaying in Ibiza" "There is no way my legs are making an appearance".

So what did I do? Wore all black. Possibly the least summery colour but oh well its my comfort colour. Luckily the print of the trousers and the shoes make it seem a little less dark.

Fingers crossed the sun sticks around! Can you believe my trousers are from Asda?

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