Twist Front

Top: ASOS sale, Jeans: Topshop Jamie (petite), Boots: Internationale

Just a quick one this Saturday evening to show you what I wore on my lazy day off. Currently sitting watching the Voice, prepping to go to my boyfriend's families for a Chinese!

I ordered this basic (but interesting) top off of ASOS blind really. I just scrolled past it and it caught my eye. I ordered it a size up so it wouldn't be too tight on the belly, and boy do I love it! It's described as 'nude' but it does have a lovely blush oatmeal undertone which I personally find really flattering! I popped straight back on to the website to order the grey version, but it's gone! (boohoo)

Hope the start to your bank holiday weekend has been amazing, and apologies for my stomach turning porky thighs!

(p.s. I would love it if you could take one minute to nominate me for 'new beauty blog' in the Cosmo blog awards! You can do this here, and you can nominate all your other favourites too!)


  1. Such a pretty top, really like the colour and jeans really suit you ! xx

  2. Ohh I really like that top! Quite unusual, but gorgeous! Always seems to happen when you find something you like and want it in other colourways - it's gone by the time you want to re-order! Aww your cat's so cute! xx

  3. gorgeous top and look!

  4. I really wish you'd stop going on about how fat your thighs are. The truth is that on top of being really quite beautiful, you are very slim. And the problem with slim people like you saying that they have "porky thighs" is that people like me, who really do have weight problems, feel even worse.

    I don't mean to be rude and I LOVE your blog and videos, but I think you could use a serious dose of perspective.

    1. Hey, Please don't worry about sounding rude, its fine. I would prefer it if you chose not to be anonymous, but I will reply regardless.
      I completely understand what you are saying, in fact, I have always personally been annoyed by rake thin girls from my school complaining about their weight, and I understand how you say it makes any one bigger than them feel worse. I honestly do not mean to offend anyone, but having but on half a stone, and being a under confident person with body image issues anyway, picking on myself is the way that I am able to deal with the weight gain.
      I'm not trying to make people feel inferior and I completely understand what you are saying about perspective, I think that there are beautiful people of all sizes, but I am merely annoyed at myself for going up two jean sizes therefore choose to pick fun at how 'porky' my legs are in comparison to what they were half a stone lighter. Everyone has things about them they hate and that is mine, I do apologies again if it comes accross as being undermining and I will make a conscious effort not to do this again.

    2. And this reply is PRECISELY why I adore you.

      Looking back, I think my comment was a smidge out of line. This is ultimately your blog and you are free to express on it anything you want, and really shouldn't need to edit yourself for fear of offending people; after all event the most innocuous thought would likely offend someone, somewhere in the world. So I apologise for taking it so personally. I think it's just that when you're quite definitively on the heavier side like I am, it's hard to forget that even people with bodies that I envy belief can be self-conscious. And I completely respect the fact that each person maintains a certain image of themselves regardless of what people say. But I also want to re-iterate that while you may be heavier than your usual weight, you still look completely gorgeous!

      Also, the comment is anonymous only because I don't have a blog or gmail account or anything to attach to it. It may seem hard to believe for an adolescent, but I only have an email address so in internet land I kind of am an anonymous haha :)

    3. Thank you so much for your reply, was just thinking to myself last night that I hoped I hadn't offended you too much.

      So glad we were able to resolve things! Sometimes I think we forget that even the people we think should be happy- aren't! I mean I doubt even beautiful people like Alexa Chung and the Olsen twins sit at home thinking how amazing they are 24/7!

      Hope you are well! Thanks for the compliment also! x