Water colour florals

Jumper: Topshop
Skirt: H&M
Boots: Store 21
Socks: Primark

I just want to start off by saying as soon as the sun shows any sign of itself every one fake tans. Going in to school yesterday morning you'd have thought half the people there had been on a two week Mexican cruise. Good old St Moriz lotion never fails me!

I picked up this skirt on a whim yesterday spurred on by the 30 degree heat. There's something about the sun that makes you think you need a whole new wardrobe. Luckily this water colour print baby was only £3.99, so didn't break the bank. There's something about the new ranges in H&M that just drag me in every time, it might be my favourite shop at the moment even!

I received my Glossybox anniversary box yesterday (Woo happy 1st Birthday to them!), and in side I was interested by the Collection Gel Liner in brown. I only really wear black liner and I don't know why but as soon as I spotted it in the box I had the urge to do a really thick graphic wing. So here it is!

Also, just a quick reminder, not meaning to harp on, but the nominations are still open for the Cosmo blog awards, and I'd really appreciate it if you could support Beauty but Better by voting in the 'New Beauty blog' category here!


  1. you look gorgeous sophy! the winged eyeliner actually looks really nice, i'd never normally go for a brown either. Can't believe how much of a bargain that skirt was! it's so lovely. xx

  2. Love that skirt, wish H&M was near me! The gel eyeliner looks great too.. I was kind of underwhelmed by the Glossybox this month (being my first one), I got the collection 2000 eyeliner in a gold colour which doesn't do my eyes any favours xx


  3. I really like your Jumper, looks so light and pretty ! xx