I'm not much of a photographer. In fact I'm probably the biggest technophobe around. But I'm often inspired by images and I get a bit of an urge to get snap happy. So apologies if the following pictures aren't of professional standard, I just want to show you how beautiful Bath is..

I came here so often with my parents as a child, and I just never fully appreciated it. I've always longed to live in one of the Bath stone town houses, aren't they just stunning?

Do you mind these posts? I think I might pop up a few more of the various places I visit.


  1. I really like these types of posts, the photos are very beautiful :) x

  2. loved if u did some more sort of posts!

  3. i think these photos are absolutely beautiful! thanks for sharing these with us! :)

    <3, Mimi
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  4. What are you talking about, these photos are amazing! I could never take pictures as good as these in a million years! Absolutely love these posts so please keep them coming every so often & thank you for sharing them with us,
    jade xoxo

  5. I love Bath, I went to the Spa in Bath not long ago and it was really nice! I've also worked in Bath and it's so quirky, old but beautiful! You need to have some serious dollar to live in some of those houses though!

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