Illamasqua Skin Base

I figured after I mentioned this in my May Favourites video, I ought to pop up a review of my current love, Illamasqua Skin base.

Not the most luxury stand out bottle, but one that's undeniably pleasing aesthetically. It has a little nozzle that allows you control over the amount of product you want brilliantly, sometimes I feel like with some pump foundations, even one pump is too much. The shape of the bottle however, makes squeezing quite difficult and I dread to think how I'll get the last scraps of product out?

Application and Finish
This foundation is designed to look like skin (hence the name). It is supposed to be suitable for any skin type, and I would say yes, with the correct preparation this would look lovely on most. I find the ultimate way to apply this is with the Elf Powder Brush (from their studio line). Having tried it with all types I feel like it wastes less product and blends it better than with the Real techniques buffing brush, but gives more coverage than the Sigma F80. I would describe this foundation as your run of the mill medium coverage. It's definitely going to cover blemishes and discolouration, but doesn't mask the skins texture like fuller coverage foundations do. When first applied Skin Base looks radiant and glowy, it is definitely not matte in any way.

This foundation is praised by the professionals, and often used on shoots and the like, so you'd expect it to have good lasting power. I'd agree in some aspects, it definitely lasts all day in the winter months when my skin is less oily and I rarely wear with a powder. The only negative I can really say is that this foundation has a tendency to break down with the oils in my skin, therefore can look a little patchy come the evening. However, due to the excellent colour range, it is not majorly noticeable, as it just blends with my skin (apart from the texture).

Price Point
I must admit I had to Google the price of this foundation. It costs £25 and can be purchased from Space NK, the official Illamasqua website, and where I got mine, ASOS. If I can get a brand on ASOS, I always will (they offer free delivery and also often do student discount deals). I got mine for 25% off but I personally would pay the full amount, as although expensive, it is pretty mid-range for high-end foundations. I just wish the packaging was a bit more luxurious for the money that's all!

If you're new to high-end foundations and are looking for something a little bit fool proof, I would probably recommend this foundation to you. There are tons of shades, if you can't find one to suit you it would be a small miracle (they also have a comparison to MAC shades available to download, that's how I picked mine). This foundation would look brilliant for a flawless coverage on someone with picture perfect skin, but would also help to create the illusion of a perfect base on someone with problem areas. It's definitely up there with the favourites, in the top 5 for me!

Hope you enjoyed! Also, I'd love to get your requests on foundations you'd personally 
like to see reviewed, so please get commenting below and I'll add it to my list!


  1. I use this too- just wish it was a bit more matte. other than that. lovely. x

  2. Great review ! xx

  3. Hmm I'd love to try this out. I live in the States, fortunately ASOS offers worldwide shipping! love that x

    xx Linds (just started blogging! total novice, yes & would love your feedback if you get a chance Sophie! love your blog and channel x)

  4. I love illamasqua products and I'd love to try this, wish they were slightly less pricey student budget wont allow all these pretty thing!