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(Left to right)
1. Coco playing up to the camera, attention seeker! 2. My much more mellow kitty having a snooze 3. Boyfriends new Robin tattoo 4. Again, seeking the attention early in the morning 5. Here's the beast, what can I say, I love cats? 6. My little cousin had a face paint that was supposed to be a tiger. I'd have demanded a refund!! haha! 7. I bought a second hand Sylvia Plath poetry book off of Amazon and it had the most lovely message inside wrote in 1997 to a Caitlin. 8. My new make-up bag for my holiday from Primark 9. New favourite alcoholic beverage that I most certainly have devoured over the bank holiday period. 10. My simple outfit featured here 11. Again with the Mixed Fruits Kopparberg (he's Swedish too!) 12. My very messy and patriotic Union flag nails!
I hope you've had an utterly amazing bank holiday weekend and are settling back into normality not too painfully! Also, apologies if you are instagrammed to death! I know their is so much hype regarding it at the mo. You know that I'm fickle about hyped things, but this is honestly a goer, so I definitely urge you to jump on the bandwagon!!!


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  2. Aww, what a cute little kitty. :') Absolute little legend in the first picture.