And every colour illuminates

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So the final instalment of my holiday evening outfits! Its actually been really lovely looking back over the nights and reminiscing on how lovely the holiday was and how I wish I was still there in the sun!

So you might remember this dress from here (or probably not- it looks completely different!). I knew as soon as this arrived on my doorstep that it would be my finale holiday outfit. It's pretty sad really, and I don't know if anyone else does this, but me and my mum always save our favourite outfits for the end of the holiday when we are the brownest. Now in theory, this seems like a good idea. Certain things will look far better with a tan, but when you've been eating all inclusive for a whole week, squeezing into this dress was not an easy task!

Also, I decided to wear my hair up again, not only to show off the stunning cross over back detail but because I wanted to dress it down a bit.

I literally can't wait to wear this dress again, but I just feel like now I'd need to do some serious fake tanning to feel good in it! Do you save a special outfit for the last night of your holiday?


  1. amazing dress !!!! looks great on you !:)

  2. what a gorgeous LBD ! Perfect for summer, you look great in it too xx

  3. The perfect little black dress! x

  4. These pictures are lovely, and that really is the perfect LBD ! I think it's about time I invested in a classic like this! xx

  5. looking super chic with your hair up!