Didn't I my dear?

Dress Primark Shoes Next Watch Dans Rolex

Not too much to say about today's instalment of holiday outfits really. Except that out of all the things I took, this was the one I least enjoyed wearing. It felt super short. Looking back in hindsight at these pictures other things were probably of a similar length, maybe shorter, but for some reason I just felt exceptionally uncomfortable in this. I ended up wearing just my simple day time flip flops (which I love love love) because I felt heels would heighten my fear of exposing my bum cheeks.

Hope you are all okay, and not too fed up of seeing my holiday pictures yet! Lots of love


  1. I love the collar on the dress :) x

  2. I absolutely love this dress, I wanted to buy it so much but when I tried it on it came to just above my knee and looked frumpy! It looks lovely on you, I'm jealous! :) x


  3. This dress is beautiful, I feel the same way about one of my lace dresses I always have to wear it with black tights xx

  4. Unrelated to the outfit but I really love the messy, beachy-hair ponytail here you tend to rock :) I hate hair that looks overdone and tend to wear mine up all the time, even in winter months. The look really suits you Sophy xx very cute