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Playsuit F&F @Tesco Flatforms Newlook 915 Watch Boyfriends Rolex Bracelet Turkey

Evening three featuring my favourite playsuit I've ever owned! I'm full of big claims lately- first my favourite skirt now this! I must admit though- I did search high and low for something in a similar style to this, and never did I think that I'd fall in love with one from Tesco. It's a good job I always browse their clothing when I'm in there shopping! I was a rather bargainous £10, but I did spot it has been cheekily reduced to £5, so if you're interested, go now they might have your size!

Sorry if you are all getting rather bored of seeing these types of outfit, especially considering you'd have to be nuts to venture out in any of them in the UK weather at the moment! Only a few more to go then you'll be seeing the jumpers and tights come back out!

Having said that though, if you have any holiday outfit posts or 'series' up on your blog, feel free to link me to them in the comments! I always prefer dressing for hot weather, I'm really not one for layers and find it harder to be 'stylish' in the winter!


  1. this playsuit is gorgeous, it really suits you! great price as well!
    nicola xxx

  2. love the playsuit and what a bargain!

  3. love that playsuit! so cute!

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