I would wait a million years

Dress H&M Flatforms George @ Asda

I bought this dress literally months ago, however with the temperamental British weather (rain) I didn't really get the chance to wear it. I must say, this dress was such a hassle to purchase. I'm about a size 8 on the whole, but when I first spotted it they only had a 6 in stock. I bought it anyway, because I do wear that size sometimes. Alas, it was too small, can't say I was that shocked. However, I exchanged it for an 8, thinking it would be perfect, and the hem was so so tight I could hardly move! Now I'm not saying I'm tiny or skinny or anything but I never really wear a ten? Oh well, just unfair for those who are a 14 or 16 who might have to miss out due to odd sizing.

Anyway, rant aside, let me now explain how much I love this dress. I don't know if you've noticed, but I'm seriously loving low or open back items at the mo. Now I'm relatively flat chested, but still am a little uncomfortable with going bra-less (changes in temperature could be potentially awkward, heat to air conditioned room) so I was so pleased to find out that this is the perfect cut out to hide a bra strap. Meaning I can get the back-less look without exposing my nipples to the world. Woo!

Also, I wore my hair in this updo for a change, just to show of the back of the dress to its full potential. Its a bit more formal and polished than I'd usually wear, and my boyfriend said 'who's wedding are you going to?' as soon as he spotted it. Thanks. Thanks a lot.

Hope you are all OK. Serious case of TGIF for me today!


  1. That is the nicest lace dress I have ever seen! And I have a thing for lace dresses x

  2. WOW it looks really good on you, I think ! :)

  3. the back is really pretty xoxo

  4. The dress is gorgeous! Theres something about lace dresses that i really love! x