I'm Home

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You may (or may not) have noticed that my blog has been looking a bit abandoned over the past two weeks. Well, I'm back in rainy UK after an amazingly relaxing 10 days in the rather scorchingly hot Turkey.

As you can imagine I have a ton of photo's, as I tend to get quite snap happy, but I did make sure that I took some quick shots of my evening outfits for you all, so I'll be posting those in backlog.

This dress arrived literally the day that I left to go away, so I just popped it in my case hoping that I'd get the chance to wear it. Boy am I glad I did! It was one of the only things that I took with sleeves, so it was perfect to hide my first day sun burnt shoulders. It fits really well, although it took awhile to get used to the lower sitting waist of it, usually the skirt part starts higher? However, upon reflection of these photos, the colour doesn't look very flattering, however, in real life I was significantly more tanned than it is portraying so it contrasted a little better in person.

Hope you're all well, and aren't too mad at me for neglecting my website!!


  1. Love the print on the dress! Looking forward to seeing all of your holiday snaps! x

  2. love the dress, so pretty and feminine, gorgeous <3!

  3. Gorgeous! Lovely! I'm glad you're back!

  4. omg i want your tortoise so bad! :) xx

  5. By any chance did u stop in the greenland hotel ??