My favourite skirt

Crop top Topshop Skirt Newlook Shoes Newlook 915

Evening two of my holiday outfits. Again I just feel like I look super pale!

I bought two of these crop tops (you'll see the other one later!) with the intention to wear them with high waisted skirts, so you only see a hint of belly. My nan treated me to this New look one on our last big shop before our holiday, and it's honestly one of my favourite skirts I've owned. Theres just something about the cut/fit/material/length that is so flattering, I wish they did it in more patterns. In fact I'm tempted to buy another and dye it plain black, is that sad?!

How do you wear your crop tops? Do you like to bare all or be a bit more conservative?


  1. This skirt is gorgeous! x

  2. Perfect amount of midriff for holiday! I do the same with my crop tops & flowy skirts :) you look great xx

  3. you look gorgeous! definitely don't think it would be sad to buy another skirt and dye it plain black - recently ive been tempted to have patterns drawn up for few of my fave items and have them made in other colours, i think if something looks and feels good then why not have it in other patterns and colours?!
    nicola xxx

  4. ah these pictures are so cute! love the skirt, it looks gorgeous with that crop top :) x

  5. Gorgeous! Love the skirt and those photos! :)

    xo Dawn