Rimmel Wake Me Up

A seriously talked about drugstore foundation over blogs and Youtube videos at the moment, so I thought I'd add my two cents and review it for you.

Rimmel never fail to deliver with their foundation bottles. The majority are glass, and of high quality, and when you consider that their are amount the cheapest brands in the likes of Boots and Super drug, it makes you wonder why others aren't? You know me, I like a good glass bottle, so I count that as a positive, but many may think this is far too bulky and would prefer a sleek plastic tube. But hey it's just personal preference and at the end of the day, the packaging isn't going to make up for a crap product, nor ruin a stand out one. I must add though, it has a marvellous pump. Not that I'm a connoisseur of pumps, it just is one of my favourites!

Application & Finish

The first thing everyone brings up about this foundation is its 'glitter', often mentioning Revlon Photoready in the next breath. Under natural light, Photoready makes me look akin to a disco ball. The Wake Me Up's particles are so refined I just look glowy. The actual formula is almost a gel consistency, much thicker than say, Boujois Healthy Mix, but thinner than the Rimmel 24hr Lasting Finish. It has working OK with pretty much every brush I have attempted to apply it with, but overall I think the Real Techniques buffing brush helps to give a good coverage with this foundation. On my skin without powder, I'd say the finish is definitely on the dewy side. Not too so that I couldn't wear it like this, but it certainly wouldn't stay put all day. It does however look natural and fresh, not like you are caked in powdery make-up like I find a lot of drugstore offerings to.


I did just briefly mention that without powder this foundation does dissolve on my skin. Not in the way that I look blotchy or that I would have to scrub it all of out of sheer embarrassment. It wears off gracefully and its nothing a bit of powder couldn't fix.
If I want to wear this for a long shift at work/day at school, I'll set it with a shine controlling powder, like MAC Studio Fix or Rimmel Stay Matt, and that seems to do the job.

Price Point
I actually picked this up on the introduction offer, so I paid £5.99, in my opinion a complete bargain. It does cost £8.99 normally, but I do believe the quality is comparable to department store alternatives (not something I'd thought I'd ever say!) Boots tend to run a 3 for 2 offer frequently so I'd pick it up then along with the Stay Matte Powder and one of their Mascara's.

As I mentioned, I'd never thought that I'd be saying I like a drugstore foundation as much as any of my expensive department ones. In fact, I seem to be reaching for this most out of my entire collection. I don't know if I'd go as far as saying this is my ultimate favourite over all, but it's definitely my number one drugstore foundation. It just pips all the others to the post with its luxury innovative formula that is comparable with the it's high end counterparts.


  1. I love this foundation, I think I'm on my third bottle now. I didn't think it would work with my super oily skin, but with a good primer and powder its really lovely! :) xx


  2. I've really been meaning to try this out :) x

  3. this is such a great review! i really want to try this foundation, but i have so many that i want to try and not enough money! this is definitely on my list though.
    nicola xxx