All we know is falling

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Dress & Shoes Primark

Head to toe Primark outfit today I'm afraid. Well, not that there is much too this look. Some times I love finding a beautiful print dress, shoving it on with some super plain shoes and calling it a day. I think the colour and print of this dress should be left to do all the talking.

On another note, I find this dress to be just slightly too short, and it got me thinking about a whole host of D.I.Y type ideas. My head is so filled with creative thoughts at the moment, and I just wanted to ask if anyone would actually be interested in seeing some?

Hope you are all okay and have a good weekend!


  1. This dress is lovely. Would love love love to see some DIY posts, Pinterest is turning me into a DIY maniac at the moment! x

  2. I'd love to see some DIY posts! Cute dress too :)

  3. DIY posts would be great!! x

  4. Cute outfit :).

    Sadie x