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Hey guys, so this is a bit of a different post from me today. Some of you may have spotted the Goodreads tab on my blog, but basically it is a website where you can rate, review and recommend books. I've never really made use of the review feature but thought that I'd start. Here's the first one I wrote, pinched to go on here.

Hopefully it can open your eyes to some new novels you might not have already read, and gives you an easy to read, understandable for any age or ability review and run down of my opinions.

And well, if it doesn't go well, then I won't post again, I'll just do it on Goodreads for the hardcore bookworms among my followers!

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. HydeDr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I must be honest, although this book has been on my 'must read soon' list, the main reason I chose to read it was because it had been constantly (awfully) referenced in 50 shades books that I had the (mis)fortune to read. Also it was an underlying theme in a few of the Ian Rankin books I read.

I really really enjoyed this book. As many people have mentioned in other reviews, yes, in the 21st century even 12 year old children could probably tell you that Jekyll and Hyde are the same person, so yes, the shock factor is not as predominant. None the less, I found that for a classic, it wasn't hardcore a read as others. Don't get me wrong I love a good classic novel, but I just felt that the fact I didn't have to look up every other word meant that I could really gain empathy with the characters.

I liked the fact that the story was told through a 3rd party character, I am a fan of novels wrote in this way, however, again, I believe that this would be far more effective if I, as the reader, didn't know that the two protagonists were in fact the same person.

I'd definitely recommend especially to anyone interested in more dark, gothic, macabre novels, such as my personal favourite, Shelley's Frankenstein.

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Have you read this book? I'd love to hear your opinions/responses to my review in the comments! 


  1. Thank god I'm not the only bookworm on here haha :-) I'll definitely be checking that website out!

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  3. I had to read this for my AS Level coursework and LOVED it ! Your 'goodreads' tab just filled my Saturday afternoon up, am currently in the process of making my own account (really didn't need another social media platform to update but hey !)