Looking at the peaches

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I was pretty undecided on what I thought of the drop hem trend when this dress first hit the rails of Topshop. Then I began to see some of my favourite bloggers and Youtubers feature this specific shapeless t shirt number I fell in love.

Naturally I was too late. It had gone in to the sale, and thats good right. Well in Topshop terms (my local one at least) sale usually means an abundance of size 12+ items and very little else. Brill if you're those sizes, but for me not so. I eventually found a size ten, tried it on, and it looked akin to either a tent or maternity smock. I vowed to forget about it, this wasn't the drop hem for me.

Until I heard that these dresses come up huge. I found a stray size 6, tried it on, fell in love with the boxyness

This heart shape dress was a similar story. Boy am I glad that I didn't pick it up when it was £48 like I intended to. Alas other things came up and I forgot about it. Then I spotted it went into the summer sale and boy, did I search high and low for it. Same thing, tons of 16's. I was so desperate I'd have gone for a 6, 8, 10, or a 12. I was gutted that I'd missed out on a bargain at £20. Then today I was browsing for my mum and spotted one out of the corner of my eye on the lone empty sale rail. IT WAS AN 8! And reduced to £15. Someone must have returned it. Talk about lucky!


  1. Love both the dresses, the heart one would also make an awesome part of a Queen Of Hearts Halloween costume :) x

  2. Those boots are cute and look cool with that dress. That red dress is adorable :)


  3. Love this dress!