This is not enough..

Dress H&M Kimono Gok Wan @ Sainsburys Boots Internacionale

I finally pulled this stunning printed kimono out of my wardrobe for the first wear after snapping it up in the sales literally months ago. Don't get me wrong, I am totally in love with the print and fit, just for some reason I'd never reached for it. I personally think it looks best paired with an all black outfit, so this simple £12.99 shift was perfect.

Also, today is the first time in weeks that I have wore tights. I finally gave in to the British weather and wrapped up warm in order to hide from the rain! Boo!

Also, you may have spotted, if you follow me on instagram that I have ordered a beautiful Canon 600d! It is on its way to me as I type and I cannot contain my excitement for its amazing-ness! It may take me awhile to get my head around all its functions- being a complete technophobe! But I'm sure I'll muddle through!

Do you own a Canon? Got any tips for me that you think are worth mentioning? Lots of love!


  1. i love the print on the kimono! really nice outfit :) Holly x

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    1. I never thought I'd be into kimonos but so much more comfy than a blazer! xx

  3. That print is gorgeouss. The Canon sounds amazing too!! I've been tempted to invest in a DSLR over the past few years, need to do some more research though before I take the plunge haha

    x Linds

    1. Thank you! It took me ages to finally invest, so hopefully it all turns out well! My bridge camera was getting a little frustrating and wasnt producing the quality of pictures I'd have liked! xx

  4. The kimono is lovely, I'd never think to look at Sainsburys clothes but this is gorge! xx

  5. i love your style! i was just in London and loved it! Lucky me, i was there for perfect (and rare) weather!

  6. Love the kimono, gorgeous print, I'm obsessed with kimonos myself at the moment, they are so flattering an really make an outfit :-)