Topshop Studded Adios

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If you've been a reader of my blog or a watcher of my Youtube channel for a while you'll know that I'm somewhat frugal. Well I'll explain. I enjoy buying lots of things, but rarely spend over £20 on one item of highstreet clothing because I don't think they're worth it. I'm an avid sale shopper and love a rummage around on discounted rails or in charity shops.

So what did I go and do? Spend £70 on a pair of boots. I'm extremely in love with them and they shall be my A/W 2012 boots.

I apologise in advance if they feature in 9 out of 10 outfit posts..


  1. There lovely I really want to go get them, love studded shoes x

  2. They are amazing!

    Kate x

  3. I always cringe a bit at the price of some of Topshop's shoes but these are stunning! I need them! :) xxx

  4. These are so nice, Topshop always do the best boots and I think for £70 they're pretty much worth the price.


  5. These shoes are gorgeous, totally worth £70 it seems xo

  6. These are gorgeous! I am utterly obsessed with studs and these boots are just fab!!!

  7. Holy crap, these are the gift of god! I do not kid when I say that these are one of the most beautiful pair of shoes I've ever seen. Unfortunately, I don't have £70 to spend but would pick these up without doubt. These will look amazing close to christmas. "jealous" doesn't even begin to cover it!
    Ellie X